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Nowzone | As you think, so you become

As you think, so you become

2 minutes

The human brain is one of the most complex organs of the body mechanized to control all the body functions and the rest of the nervous system is a network that relays messages back and forth from the brain to different parts of the body via the spinal cord. And we are quite aware of the fact that the brain also does all the thinking part too.

Now I know you’d be agitated to see me ranting about the superpowers of the brain but trust me I am getting somewhere with it

So now when we have recalled how efficient and busy our brain is with all its roles and responsibilities, let’s dive in further more to know how it is involved in our transformation from the inside out.

With so much going on in our lives we barely have any time to think about our thinking or what we think about but that is where the odyssey of our personal transformation commences. It has been observed that we become what we think of ourselves in our head so basically if you think yourself as a socially awkward person, whenever you are in a social gathering you would probably be standing at a corner by yourself.

When you think in a certain way, your brain sends signals to the entire body to act in that way. Let’s say when you think of your favorite appetizer doesn’t your mouth seem to be flooding? That’s how powerful the impact of a single thought is! It can make your body fall for it every time.

So when you run your thoughts around positive notions, you propel it into thinking positively and these beliefs are reinforced but the moment you start strolling about the negatives all your energy and vibe becomes negative.

Self-talk is a whimsical concept and it does miracles for you, period! We just need to do it right and telling good stuff about you to yourself shouldn’t be onerous. Self-talk heightens your confidence and enlightens your soul with self-realizations. It helps you to en route your personal odyssey and transforms your aura for good.

So here’s where we conclude our stage one; As you think, so you become

If you’ve reached this far, you would probably be thinking how to know what you think? Because trust me, you might not realize if what you think is negative or positive.

To figure this out you need a higher level of self-awareness which can be achieved through meditation. As a wellness company, we reckon ‘Thought Awareness Meditation’ where your thoughts are set free like the water from a dam. You are able to observe the flow of your thoughts and track down your thought process.

(For exploring more about thought awareness meditation, download our mobile application ‘Nowzone’ and know more about it)

Only you can explore who you are because it’s your journey and yours alone! Others can walk it with you but nobody can walk it for you. Meditation helps you have a crystal clear awareness about yourself which no one else can tell you.

When you know what your thoughts are like, congratulations! You are half way through the journey of self-transformation.

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