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Nowzone | Breath Awareness Meditation

Breath Awareness Meditation

3 minutes

When we find a person in the state of angst or apprehension, we suggest him to ‘Breathe’; it’s kind of a reflex to such situations but more than half of the entire population hasn’t unveiled this not so secretive fact behind the suggestion. There resides a profound philosophy and basic science behind very single gulp of oxygen that we take in. So before any further ado, let’s dive in!

Breath is that vital element of biotic existence which, like the heartbeat, if fails to function leads to departure from life. But what is the significance of breath and why do we need to practice Breath Awareness Meditation is a question we have been asked at oodles of occasions so It is now time that we acknowledge this whimsical phenomenon in the best possible way.

The basic meaning that can be comprehended by the term ‘Breath Awareness’ is being completely aware of one’s own breath, let’s dig in further and understand it! By awareness we are mentioning the hair line difference between knowing and being aware about it. When we know we are breathing, we have the knowledge of the fact that we do need to breathe for survival but when we talk about awareness we want you to minutely observe your breath. We are mentioning the level of observation wherein one is aware of the time difference between each inhale and exhale.

Acknowledging every breath with a calm and soothed mind is what is desired in Breath Awareness Meditation. While a person meditates, the brain won’t stop generating thoughts, bloating the entire headspace with them. Under such circumstances, it becomes nearly impossible to settle these thoughts and meditate. This is where Breath Awareness Meditation becomes the salvager as when the thoughts won’t stop popping in, try to observe your breath and continue the process. It helps to be in the present moment and get rid of the worries and stress leading to panic and anxiety. Breath Awareness Meditation is the key to reduce stress and increase patience. This process won’t completely cut down the thinking process but will surely slow it down resulting in lesser thoughts than before.

The various benefits of Breath Awareness Meditation includes the following-

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • Efficiently circulates oxygen to the brain
  • Helps to settle down thoughts
  • Prevents hyper-stress and sometimes increased blood pressure levels too
  • Prevents overthinking
  • Helps in coping with a sudden emotional breakdown

And the like…….

Professionals suggest this meditation for all irrespective of age, health and gender as this is the most basic and primary level of meditation which can be practiced by all without any sort of difficulty or error. One of the key features and the most important one about Breath Awareness Meditation is; it helps the person be in the ‘now’ helping in concentrating all the awareness in the present moment. This helps in knocking down the worries and settling down with a calm state of mind. This results into better decision making and calmer responses to various stimulus which can be stressful. 

When coming to the present moment and being aware of it becomes difficult, NowZone comes to your aid. NowZone helps the user to be in the present moment and be far away from stress with the help of meditation. Often, people make mistakes while meditating or they do not know how to start, where to stop, what to do and the like. NowZone aids its users with guided mindfulness meditation to ease the process, this is not just it! If something still bothers you, we offer 24*7 care wherein you can get assistance by our wellness trainers.

 We aim at making a difference in the lives of people seeking for it.

Be Nowful with NowZone!

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