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Nowzone | Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

2 minutes

We all are wide aware of this pandemic and how it is spreading like a wildfire dragging every tenth individual into its deadly flames. With all the available and known precautions that we might be taking, one of the mandatory practices which we ought to follow weather sick or not is adopting the practice of ‘Deep breathing’

It has been observed that patients suffering from various disorders or diseases often tend to suffer from anxiety which leads to breathlessness and panic attacks. If you are someone who suffers from any of these, we reckon the renowned practice of Box Breathing; in this exercise you need to zero in on your breathing and follow the rule of four. If you are wondering what on earth is rule of four then let me share it with you. The process involves four stages in four steps in four seconds! It is as simple as it sounds. You inhale with your nose with the count of four, hold the breath for four seconds, exhale the breath for four seconds and hold it again for four seconds and repeat the same process.

This plain sailing process has been rewarding to a lot of people suffering from heterogeneous diseases. As covid-19 patients at times suffer from breathlessness and anxiety, as a wellness company, we reckon box breathing practice to help cure this disorder though Doctors are yet to prove if this helps uproot covid-19 completely.

Deep breathing can help ameliorate lung function in sickness and fasten the healing process because when you practice the deep breathing technique, you are pushing fresh air into your lungs and when you hold your breath, you are increasing the capacity of your lungs. As you slowly release your breath and exhale, you throw out carbon dioxide which is no longer required to the body and as you hold your breath at the end of the exhale, you are splinting open the air sac, increasing the surface area for gas exchange within your lungs. This helps to open collapsed air sacs in the lungs and improve oxygen levels in the body.

Box Breathing can also be practiced while meditating as it soothes the soul and calms the mind. It further filters the body and improves the functioning of lungs. It is like a detox regime for the lungs!  

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Deep Breathing
We all are wide aware of this pandemic and how it is spreading like a wildfire dragging every tenth individual into its deadly flames.
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