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Effortless Meditation

2 minutes

A lot of people hesitate to meditate because they assume that meditation requires a lot of efforts and is difficult; this is the most common assumption around the world due to which people hold back and strand themselves from this rejuvenating practice but it’s quite the opposite. Meditation it supposed to be effortless and easy!

They say strive to be thoughtless and clear your headspace but no matter how hard you try, you end up loosening the leashes of your monkey like thoughts which keep on hopping  and feel guilt about it. Because we can’t restrain our thoughts from bloating our heads, we assume we can’t meditate and drop this reviving practice.

But it’s time to realize that the human brain begets 60,000 thoughts in a day thus it is quite a task to settle these thoughts while meditating. Even the greatest of saints won’t have the power to completely settle down their thoughts.

Meditation is the practice which asks you to be aware about your conscience. You dive into deep meditation when you are ‘Aware’ of your thoughts, in other words; you have to be aware about the fact that your brain is generating thoughts but you do not acknowledge those thoughts rather you acknowledge the fact.

This is where you commence the art of meditation- by awareness. Meditation asks you to cultivate awareness through which you come across your highest self. It might be a little difficult to practice mindfulness meditation effortlessly thus here are some tips you can follow-

  • When you realize you have been caught in a thought, accept the fact. Don’t judge or blame yourself. It happens, even to the most experienced meditators.
  • Instead of following the thought, as you might in normal life, gently shift your attention back to some experience in the present moment. We reckon to shift awareness to your breath and keep observing it.
  • Let the attention rest in that experience. Don’t try to concentrate or hold it there. Ah yes, you will be sure to wander off again. But the practice is not so much learning how to stay present, but how to return to the present. If you wander off a hundred times, that is a hundred opportunities to practice gently returning your attention to the present.
  • Don’t give a thought to your thoughts as it will trigger your mind into thinking about it more. Acknowledge the presence of the thought and gently shift the attention on your breath.

Another effective way to practice effortless meditation is by following guided meditation. Guided meditations are the best remedy as your brain is busy following the guidelines thus has no time to generate thoughts. And even if you generate thoughts, the guide helps you come back to your breath. NowZone provides several guided meditations that guides the users on how to meditate and achieve a calm headspace and mindfulness. All the wearer has to do is choose the kind of meditation in reference to their situation, for example- if you feel the need to practice mindfulness meditation in the middle of work or you need an escape from a stressful headspace, you have NowZone to your rescue.

Once you know the drill, just put on your headphones and there you are all relaxed and mindful!

With guided meditation, you don’t need to know how to meditate. All that’s required is that you listen, and you’ll move effortlessly into the renewing waters of your subconscious mind.

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