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Your NowZone® wearable device not only helps in monitoring breaths for medical reasons but can also help you meditate more efficiently. It will ensure that you are aware of every incoming and outgoing breath.

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To set your device accurately, position it on your torso or abdomen. This is the most suitable position for accurate monitoring.

Now connect the device with the NowZone® app. First, turn on Bluetooth in your phone and then pair it with the device.

The device is now monitoring your respiration. You can now begin advanced meditation by being fully aware of your breaths.

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NowZone® device is a robust device that can easily sustain daily wear and tear. But if you happen to break yours or if the device appears to be faulty, you should reach out to us. The device is an unprecedented technology that our technicians are best equipped to handle.

Even though the sensor module in the device is highly perceptive of torso movements, it is best practice to sit straight for the most accurate measurement. Although, the device has been tested to provide near to accurate readings when the wearer is bent and exerting pressure on the device.

Meditation is a journey and not a destination. It is pretty normal to lose focus and even get bored while practicing it. But persistence is the key. Your device is further present to nudge you to focus. When you are meditating, your breaths become slower and softer, which the device reads. And similarly, if your mind wanders, your breathing rate will increase, and the device will notify you of the same. This system will thus help you focus better.

The best time to wear the device is whenever you want to monitor your breath. It can be the case when you feel stressed or uncomfortable and want to check if your respiration rates are not alarming. You might also want to monitor your breaths during meditation, to ensure that you are focusing efficiently.

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