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“The goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts, it’s to stop letting them control you”

When conferred about meditation, we often tend to think of it as something old fashioned and not “cool” but we need to dig in and reach to the core of it for a profound understanding.

When we journey back we know that we have had great saints and rishis who have meditated under intolerant circumstances to acquire salvation but the question that arises is, ‘does meditation really helps acquire salvation?’ 

Meditation is the art of conquering your own self, your thoughts and your imagination. It teaches you to connect with your insights; your spirit and gravitates positive vibrations from the cosmos developing a soothing aura around you.

Meditation helps calm the soul and a calm soul is the key that resolves all the problems. It helps your grey cells be in control and soothes the body and the spirit. Meditation is fathomless, the more you dig in the more you connect the sooner you embark a journey of self-assessment.

The moment you feel your spirit is free from the material possessions, your thoughts acquire the bliss of spiritual values and settle down, you know that the miracle of meditation has begun and that energy transform you for life. You meet the new version of your own self which is calm and soothing.   

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