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Attaining Nowfulness®️ is like a soothing morning breeze brushing against your face amidst an otherwise sunny day.

What Is Nowfulness®️?

Nowfulness®️ is a concept developed on the grounds of vedic philosophy and modern science. It is the mind’s state of being in the very present moment, by not authorizing any thoughts of the past or the future that affect the present moment.

Not just a term

It’s a mental state where the mind is active and aware in the present moment, and yet is not being overwhelmed by it.

Spiritual Impact

Nowfulness®️ helps uplift your spiritual & eternal soul and psych you up to be in the present moment non-judgmentally.

The middle Path

Nowfulness®️’ concept is based on both science and spirituality. It assists you to open doors of serenity.

Nowfulness®️ vs Mindfulness


Nowfulness®️ is the concept of being absolutely engrossed and involved in the present moment without giving access to any judgment to drift our positive energy into something which might not be happening now. With Nowfulness®️, one learns how to bring back one’s attention into the now, thus increasing the probability of sticking to positive thoughts and emotions.


Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to the experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation. Mindfulness can be experienced by paying close attention to one’s awareness that arises by concentrating on purpose, in the present moment.


Engaging yourself in the practice of Nowfulness®️ has been rewarding to many who went through depression and insomnia. Further, it offers an array of benefits against both mental and physical ailments.






Better Quality
Of Life

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