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Peak Performance

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Who doesn’t want to set a bench mark with their performance? Everybody does!  But who actually does that? Hardly a handful. The question is, when every single person wants to give an eye-popping performance, what goes awry that only few make it to the top? It’s not only about dedication, focus or hard work but also about the most sacred key to peak performance; Attention management.

This mantra is unknown to half the population into the business. Let’s dive a little more profoundly and understand the concept of ‘Attention Management’.

What is attention management?

 When assembled the definition into simpler words, it is the art of prioritizing and practicing to control your attention. You can’t give your attention to all of the things that demand it in a single moment. It helps us decide where our attention goes and allows us to be more proactive than reactive.

 A person needs to know their priorities, motives and reasons behind something for example, when a student is in the school he/she needs to understand that they are in the class to learn and study and when they understand the purpose of being in that place, it becomes easier to focus and study. Likewise, when a person is in his/her office, they need to know why exactly they are there. When the motive is clear our attention will be where it needs to be, we would be more focused.

Attention management also means that a person needs to have a proper time management, they have to understand that being on the top means having a proper distribution of time, a person has to give decent amount of hours to everything then be it work, leisure, family, friends and to your own self (most importantly)

Passion, work and focus might at times leave the residue of stress and traces of anxiety which leads to decreased efficiency and low performance. Peak performance can only be achieved when a person is in a healthy and stress-free state of mind, where they construct a positive aura and be content at the end of the day.

A person can achieve peak performance only when they are in a content state of mind because contentment is happiness, your performance should be worthy of keeping you in a positive of mind knowing that work should never be capable of disturbing your peace of mind and losing your calm.

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