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What is NowZone® wearable Device?

NowZone® is a diagnostic tool to plot and monitor breath of the wearer. Breath is one of the most vital function and biomarker of the body. It can be used to infer physical and mental wellbeing of an individual as it provides key information on breathing.

NowZone® uses breath to determine changes in respiration rate, respiratory distress among other parameters. Such observations are further processed using proprietary algorithms.
NowZone® wearable device is a non-intrusive electronic rechargeable battery-operated device that is worn on the human torso.

While on the torso, the device captures the breathing pattern of the wearer from the pressure generated on one or more of the sensors by the abdomen or torso movements. This breathing movement is captured, processed and used for respiratory analysis of the user.
Nowzone® offers the following benefits:
1) Real time breath rate and Stress indicator.
2) Real time state of mind monitoring.
3) Measurable call-to-action to measure daily SDB goals.
4) Breathing Exercise Recommendation.
NowZone® uses breath to determine change in respiration rate and respiratory distress among other parameters. The most accurate way of monitoring respiration is by placing the wearable device directly on the torso to record correct expansion and contraction due to chest or belly breathing.

NowZone® is fairly a unisex design. It can be worn on any attire as long as you are wearing it on the torso.
No. However, the front side of the NowZone® wearable must be positioned against your body in a way such it can detect your torso’s expansion and contraction as you breathe.
We recommend you clip the device to the waistband of your pants (around the first belt loop or where the belt loop would be) or, or women, your bra. If the fit isn't correct, your NowZone® app will notify you.