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Nowzone | Programs

Corporate Workplace
Efficiency & Wellness

We aim to reduce the stress that abounds in the corporate world using our thoughtfully curated workplace wellness program. Our simple yet effective virtual programs fulfill the wellness objectives that a firm ideally envisions for its employees.

Stress and Anxiety
Reduction Program

Stress and Anxiety
Reduction Program

Full Program Offer:

To increase overall eciency of the team by improving mental wellness of the individuals. Monthly progress reports and evaluation.

10 weeks

Min. 10 Participants

Rs 500

per participant

Full Course Structure
& Inclusion

Course Structure

Mind, Body & Personal Trainers

Course Induction

Session by the wellness coach with the participants explaining the whole program, providing meditation session and explaining the schedule with possible experiences and benefits of the entire program

Participants Get:

Weekly Defined Meditation Modules delivered through app. 2 sessions each week with personal wellness trainers, 10 minutes each. One group session each week with trainers. Setting up personal goals for the program. Evaluation by personal trainers and system reports. Early access to device.


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