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Our theories are backed up by our through-and-through knowledge in this domain. Through our extensive research, we ensure the mental and physical health of our users.

Our Research Includes

Breath Science

Breathing is so basic that we might not even notice it but there have been ancient studies showing why we need to pay more attention to our breathing because there’s more going on than what we usually realize. You would be startled to know that a single gulp of breath is capable of bringing back your calm. This is the reason why most of us feel composed and centered after meditation and yoga. With each inhales- you take in composure and calm, and with every exhale you release feelings of stress and anger.

What Matters

Thoughts leave a major impression on your feelings and behavior which is why the quality of your life is determined by the nature of your thoughts. But the question is, ‘How to manage our Thoughts?’ To manage our thoughts we need our consciousness to be aware. This level of awareness could only be attained by realization & practicing meditation. Meditation helps you acknowledge every single thought that pops in, be it negative or positive it does not let that affect your mental status.

Calm & Courage

To be calm has become onerous and to top it up there’s angst and stress which has become a vicious cycle. To deal with all of it at once is no different than a mental breakdown for some which might go up to inviting mental health issues. NowZone®️ alerts you when you are observed fighting with stress, it reminds you to calm down your breathe and that helps you to come in the present moment and be aware of your environment. Meditation is the salvager and we guide you to take up meditation and use it for your aid in times of distress to de-stress and be in the now. 

Thought Management

Our mind is like a farm that yields thoughts every moment. This farm produces different crops in different regions which could be related to relationships, work-life balance, health, financial issues, and the like. All these factors have their wholesome effect on the thought process of the person. The majority of people believe that one cannot exercise control over one’s thoughts as they are natural but we can prove it the other way.

How it Works

Thoughts are the product of what we feed it with, for example- if you feed it with jealousy, rage, comparison, judgment, or fear you constrain your mind to produce negative thoughts whereas if you feed it with positivity, happiness, and freshness you tend to induce positive thinking. Your thoughts tend to create your personality, behavior with fellow people, attitude in life, your mental strength, and even results in fruitful or unfortunate events.


Mind-Wandering & Chatter

Mind-wandering and chattering occur when the brain is in the Default Mode Network, which is also called the autopilot mode of the brain. Due to the wandering and chattering of the brain, it is called a monkey mind. The mind is no different from a monkey when it comes to thoughts. Just like money jumps and hops from one branch to the other, our restless mind gambols from one thought to another in no time.

Attention vs Stress

Stress and attention are closely interconnected to each other as the absence of either induce the other. Stress can be lost with attention management but once attention is lost stress takes over thus the key to a stress-free and healthy mental state is ‘Awareness’. When the mind is aware it is attentive which states that the brain is in TPN and is completely aware of the present moment i.e. it is in the now.

Nowfulness®️: Not Just a Term

We help you go beyond the distractions & habitual patterns and see what is really happening in your minds.

Develops Empathy

Meditation trains our brain to respond in a compassionate and empathetic way. From a scientific standpoint,  it can activate the “compassion” area of the brain.

Peak Performance

Through Attention management, we help a person achieve peak performance. And this can only be achieved when a person is in a healthy and stress-free state of mind.

Reduced Rumination

Mind-wandering triggers rumination which obstructs the smooth functioning of the brain. Through Nowfulness®️ you can control your wandering mind and bring it back to the present.

Increased Resilience

Resilience is the quality of not giving up, no matter how many times we fall back. Nowfulness®️ strengthens our courage and helps us stand strong against the unprecedented storms.

Develops Patience

People who have been meditating regularly report increased tolerance. Nowfulness®️ teaches us what drives us to act ‘irrationally,’ this way, we earn to be more patient in certain situations.

Better Quality of Life

The more that we meditate the deeper we understand ourselves and what drives certain actions. These nuances help us in improving our quality of life; we approach a positive state of mind.

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