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Nowzone | Role of Name as mantra in Meditation

Role of Name as mantra in Meditation

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Our thoughts are like the waves in the ocean, keeps on wobbling in our head and even meditation can’t seem to lower the tide which is why we set an object of awareness. The object of awareness could be any external sound, breeze, guided meditations or your own breath!

As a wellness company, we reckon Breath Awareness Meditation because our own breath is the best object of awareness but hold on! There is more to this

Ever heard on Mantra Meditation?

A mantra can be a syllable, word or phrase which people repeatedly chant while meditating. A mantra can be either chanted verbally or mentally in the mind whilst meditating. Mantra meditation benefits different individuals in different ways; for some it can be serving as a protection against unwelcomed thoughts while for others it could be to attain a profound spiritual purpose as it is supposed to have originated from various religions.

Mantra Meditation seems to be working perfectly for some individuals but there are a bunch of people who are hesitant to follow this practice. For these people, we have studied upon a similar kind of meditation wherein an individual takes his own name instead of any Mantra.

Let us talk about this in detail!

In this type of meditation, we set our name as the object of awareness, each time you observe yourself drifting into mind wandering or overthinking you take your own name. This is as simple as it sounds, you may choose to chant your name out loud or whisper it between your breaths or speak it in your head, anything that works for you is fine. The purpose is to make your mind aware about all your thoughts and mind wandering.

Why Name instead of Mantra?

When you set your name as the object of awareness, you keep reminding yourself to be in the now. It acts like a personalized reminder for your aid!

It might help to boost your confidence level and may also work in unknown ways for you. Try it for yourself.

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