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Nowzone | Spine Awareness Meditation

Spine Awareness Meditation

2 minutes

We have always been told to sit uptight, keep our back straight and never slouch. But do you know what the massive reason behind it is? Let’s dig in to explore!

The spine is directly connected to the brain and when it is straight and stretched, it reduces pressure on the brain and helps calm down. We always reckon to keep the spine straight while meditating because the position of your spine will change the nature of your mind and stress level. A good posture plays a vital role in connecting to your higher self and unearthing the treasured inner peace.

But what does one need to do to achieve these desired results?

The best way is to practice Spine Awareness Meditation. Energetically, the spine hosts five of the seven chakra points, multiple meridian lines, and acts as an antenna to tune into the finite (human existence) and infinite (universe) realms that coexist in our lives. By straightening your back and practicing spine awareness meditation, you allow the life force energy to course through your entire body with ease and vitality.

Spine Awareness Meditation isn’t your regular meditation though. You need to be instructed at every step throughout the process but having a personal instructor or guide may not be pocket friendly and feasible for everyone, here’s where our guided meditation aids your spine and soul. We offer several mindfulness guided meditation to guide you well and instruct you with every breath that follows. All the wearer has to do is choose the kind of meditation in reference to their situation, for example- if you feel the need to practice spine awareness meditation in the middle of work you have NowZone to your rescue.

Once you know the drill, just put on your headphones and there you are all relaxed and mindful!

With guided meditation, you don’t need to know how to meditate. All that’s required is that you listen, and you’ll move effortlessly into the renewing waters of your subconscious mind.

Be Nowful with NowZone!

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