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Thought Awareness

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Let’s consider a small activity! Just imagine that you are into a small dark room with no doors and windows and you are suffocating in there, how will you save yourself?

Now it’s time when your grey cells are scuffling with this hypothetical situation but to get out of it all you have to do is come out of that thought. It is as simple as it sounds, just stop imagining about it!

Occasionally, we put ourselves into situations which provoke us to ruminate even if it was just in our head. Our thoughts shake hands with weird stuff and situations which might not even be relevant at all.

When a work gets monotonous for the brain, it tends to wander. That’s when we say that we are getting bored because our attention has escaped to stroll around in its own la la land. When the thoughts gravitate towards wandering one cannot achieve peak performance thus it is crucial to possess the quality of thought awareness.

In the activity that we talked about earlier, the situation was in our hands all we had to do was get our awareness back and realise that it is just a hypothetical situation because let’s just face it, if you can’t get out of that room then how did you end up in there. The rescue to all the mind-wandering is thought awareness.

“Thought Awareness is the process by which you observe your thoughts and become aware of what is going through your head. One way to become more aware of your thoughts is to observe your stream of consciousness as you think about a stressful situation.”- Anonymous

Until a person is in their happy place mind-wandering won’t be stressful but the problem commences when negative thoughts tend to flit into their consciousness. The ill-effects shall be observed in no time!

One cannot achieve peak performance while their thoughts are capering in their head because it trades off your focus, attention and peace of mind. To overcome this problem thought awareness is the only salvager.

But the crucial question is how to possess the quality of thought awareness? Read the next topic to understand it better.

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