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Nowzone | Thought Awareness Meditation

Thought Awareness Meditation

2 minutes

Let’s consider two situations-

1. You are in the sea enjoying every splash of the salty waves and living the time of your life

2. You are sitting on the partially cold sand of that very same beach, watching the sky turn from saffron to pink to crimson whilst the cold breeze soothes your soul, brushing your hair while you enjoy the whimsical power of nature.

In which situation will you actually enjoy the authentic essence of nature? Let us examine this scene elaborately. Where you are in the water, you may not be able to figure out when the water turns unpredictable and you are stuck in the middle of it, clueless about what to do on the contrary, when you are sitting away from the water and it takes the rough road, you know what to do because you aren’t stuck in it.

Our thoughts are just like that!

When we are involved into our thoughts, we remain stuck with them as if someone has locked up the room from outside and there’s no way of getting out of it. But when we are aware of these thoughts and instead of involving with them we choose to observe them, there resides the pith of Thought Awareness.

As the word itself explains, thought awareness means being holistically aware about our own thoughts. Majority of people are unaware of their thinking process and thoughts in general which is a sign of ignorance and to know what you are up to spiritually and psychologically, you need to be aware of your thoughts.

Being aware of your thoughts means watching your thoughts from a distance, without being involved into them and analyzing them in their raw form. You can’t fix something when you don’t know if it is broken, you first have to observe your stream of consciousness as you think about a stressful situation.

The best way to get through it is by practicing Thought Awareness Meditation as it allows you to let your mind wander and observe the flow. This process has a lot of benefits-

  • Helps calm down the mind
  • Improves clarity of the mind
  • Helps in having a clear headspace

And the like!

NowZone promotes Thought Awareness Meditation as we consider ourselves to be a thought management company too. We offer guided meditations which guides the user to follow step by step instructions and achieve the desired outcome.

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