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Cultivate a skill that works towards improving your state of mind and body

Nowfulness®️ Glimpse

Nowfulness®️ is not just a term but a concept that allows your mind to embrace the direct experiences of all the possibilities that seem to be arising in that particular moment.

Nowfulness®️ For You

Life could be pretty obnoxious or extremely cheerful, but the balance of both is what makes life worth enjoying every time.

Our Research Glimpse

Life could be pretty obnoxious or extremely cheerful, but the balance of both is what makes life worth enjoying every time.

How Can We Help

Nowfulness®️ helps you introspect. It lets you peek inside your thoughts through simple, yet effective meditation techniques and breathing exercises.

Reduce Stress

We help in mitigating stress through our unique combo of the ‘NowZone®️ Device’ and the ‘Nowfulness®️ Technique.’ Employing these techniques lets you effectively manage and let go of the stress.

Improve Sleep

We provide guided meditations for a good night’s sleep. Our relaxation techniques, serene music, and sounds help you tackle sleeplessness effectively.

Breath Awareness

Breath is capable of bringing back your wandering mind. And at Nowzone®️, we have mastered the technique of helping you focus on your breath through our device & breathing techniques.

Increase Focus

We inevitably have adapted multitasking skills, this scatteredness leads to an unfocused mind. Through our app, we train the mind to be fully aware of the now, thereby increasing concentration.

Increase Resilience

Through our guided meditation and breathing exercises, we foster your inner health by widening your capacity to cope with overwhelming emotions and overcrowding thoughts.

Increase Quality Of Life

Meditation bridges the gap between our internal and external worlds and keeps them in sync (harmony). Meditation lets you redirect your thoughts to calm your mind and improve your overall quality of life.

Our Corporate Workplace Efficiency & Wellness Program

We aim to reduce the stress that abounds in the corporate world using our thoughtfully curated workplace wellness program. Our simple yet effective virtual programs fulfill the wellness objectives that a firm ideally envisions for its employees.

To increase overall efficiency of the team by improving mental wellness of the individuals. Monthly progress reports and evaluation

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