15 mins of Slow Deep Breathing at 6 Breaths/min a day

Is the key to good health, specially during stressful situations

Stress contributes to all major Ailments

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The Problem

90% of diseases & illnesses are stress related
Yet 47% of your waking hours are spent stressing about things that aren’t even happening.
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Amplify Life with NowZone

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Research Glimpse

Effects of Optimal Breathing at 6 breaths per minute during Stress


Take Charge of Your Well-Being

What NowZone offers?

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Monitor Your Breath

NowZone analyzes your breath in real-time, showing deep breaths, daily BPM average, and more. See your well-being at a glance

Control your Stress Alerts

Stay in control with accurate stress insights. Play, snooze, or cancel alerts - NowZone empowers you to take charge of your stress levels.
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Complete your 6BPM Goal

The NowZone device monitors your breath in real-time, capturing data on each slow, deep breath at a rate of 6 breaths per minute (6BPM). This information is then integrated into the NowZone app, allowing you to track and analyze your complete breath data, facilitating improvements in both your mental and physical well-being.

Insights on your Mental States

Understand your mood - calm, attentive, stressed, or wandering. NowZone boosts self-awareness for confident daily navigation.
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Craft Your Wellness Program

Choose a program, dive into exercises, and start your journey to a balanced lifewith 200+ hours of meditation, yoga, breathwork and sleep guidance. NowZone tailors well-being to your needs

Proactive Alerts for You

NowZone keeps you informed and proactive, alerting you to stress and Mind Wandering. Personalized breathing exercises accompany each alert.
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