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Impact of Sub-Optimal Breathing

Framingham study Correlation

10% Decline in Lung Capacity Corresponds to a 28% Increase in Cardiovascular Death.

Framingham Study Shows, Small Lungs mean Shorter Lives, Larger Lungs mean Longer Lives. Ability to Breathe, "Full Breaths" Which Leads to Higher Lung Capacity, is a Measure of Living Capacity.
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How Slow Deep Breathing helps?

Magic of 6 Breaths Per Minute

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Balancing the Stress Regulating System

Calming nerves (Para-Sympathetic) are located more toward the lower lobes of the lungs. Stress-related nerves (Sympathetic) are located more toward the upper portion of the lungs. Slow Deep Breath activates the Calming nerves, optimizes heart rate, and clams the mind.

Heart Rate Variability is one of the best Biomarkers to gauge One’s Physical & Mental Health. HRV is at Maximum at 6 breaths per minute. Also leads to Increased Lung Capacity. HRV is the responsiveness of your heart to a given situation.

How are we different ?

NowZone offers

Real time Breath and State of Mind Monitoring

NowZone’s cutting-edge technology adeptly categorizes the user's breath into four distinct states: stressed, calm, mind-wandering, and attentive, sending instant alerts to keep you in tune with your well-being. With your permission, NowZone directs you to practice 6 breaths per minute for a calming effect. It also keeps track of your progress, showing how many minutes you've dedicated to this practice each day.

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