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World’s First Anxiety Reduction wearable device designed to improve mental health naturally with no side effects. NowZone goes beyond tracking physical exercise and optimal diet plans, focusing solely on scientifically proven breath metrics that significantly impact your mental well-being.

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Anxiety- The Researches Reveal

Medical industry on stress

All that you’ll ever need to know about Anxiety

Starting Point: Stress

Hormonal Response

Brain Influence

Anxiety Triggers

Cycle of Stress and Anxiety

How NowZone helps you reduce Anxiety naturally?

Our 7 pillar approach towards Holistic Mental Health Care

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Who is this device for?

Why is our device a need?

Our device helps in reducing anxiety by effectively stopping your overthinking and stress in real time while also calming you down with our proven slow deep breathing exercise.

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Real People, Real Results


of users report their stress & anxiety have reduced drastically 


of users reported their health, relationships, work, and career have improved drastically.


of people reported their overthinking reduced.


of users reported they are now living in the present while staying calm and happy.

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Awarded the Promising Entrepreneur of India in 2020.

- Economic Times

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1. Can I stop or reduce my medications?

Always consult a doctor before reducing, changing or stopping medicine
1-2 months