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World’s First wearable device designed to balance Blood Pressure naturally with no side effects. NowZone goes beyond tracking physical exercise and optimal diet plans, focusing solely on scientifically proven breath metrics that significantly impact your Blood Pressure.

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High BP to Sickness- The Researches Reveal

Medical industry on stress

All that you’ll ever need to know about High Blood Pressure



Breathing become fast

Nitric Oxide Supply reduces

Blood Vessel Shrink

Blood Pressure Rises

Stress can cause a steep rise in blood pressure. But when stress goes away, blood pressure returns to what it was before the stress.

- Mayo Clinic

How NowZone Balances Blood Pressure?

Technology Built For Better You

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Who is this device for?

Why is our device a need?

Our device helps in reducing High BP by effectively reducing hypertension & BP Spikes through accurate stress alerts and slow deep breathing exercises.

Discover A Better you with NowZone

Science-Driven Insights, Real-World Results.

Build Effortless Habits, Get Powerful Results.

Buy NowZone now to balance your Blood Pressure.

The users that bought the NowZone device for reducing
High BP, 83% experienced reduced
High BP within 35 days of usage.

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Research Glimpse

Effects of Optimal breathing at 6 Breaths Per Minute During Stress.

Will NowZone be beneficial for me

Real people, Real Results


of users report they experience BP reduction.


of users report their hypertension and stress has reduced.


users are likely to Highly Recommend.


According to a 2022 WHO report, 220 million people in India have hypertension, but only 12% have their blood pressure under control.

- World Health Organisation

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Awarded the Promising Entrepreneur of India in 2020.

- Economic Times

All your questions answered

1. Can I stop or reduce my medications?

Always consult a doctor before reducing, changing or stopping medicine
3-4 months